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We are on a mission to help the world get along better!

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“The true measure of our character lies in how we treat those
who are different from us.”

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We recommend you schedule a 30 minute session with Coach Kim.  She will tell you more about your relationship in 30 minutes than you could learn in years of counselling.

The 12 Shapes can make improving your relationship fast and easy.  We can explain the dynamics and what isn't working in 5 minutes. We can show you all the do's and don'ts to make your unique relationship work better than ever!  There are tricks to making your two Shapes happy together and we have them.

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We provide:

  •  People Skills Training

  • Team Building

  • Presentations and Keynotes

  • People Problem Solutions


Old school personality tests don't tell you what you really need to know about how your people will behave at work. 


12 Shapes is not a personality test- it is based on behavior and is the only tool that gives you the information you really need


This is next generation people science and it's more fun and useable than Myers Briggs or Disc because it's easy to remember. 


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Find out why people all over
the world are hooked!


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Invite friends and family to take the Quiz
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