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You are a Rectangle

"the researcher"

Learn the pro's and con's for hiring a Rectangle.

Learn careers that would make a Rectangle feel fulfilled.

We all have a balanced state we are in at our best - but we all also have an unbalanced state that happens when we get triggered - and we behave badly.
If you understand what your triggers are, and what your worst behavior looks like - you can catch it and make better choices. 
If the description below doesn't sound like you - and you think the survey got your wrong - send us an email at 
Quick Facts about Rectangles:
  • They are long communicators about topics that interest them or telling stories.
  • They need to feel knowledgeable, learned, adventurous, and independent.
  • They are highly date and research driven and can struggle to be decisive.
  • They care about doing things right, well formulated and accurate ideas.
  • They value time alone to pursue their hobbies and interests.
  • They can be arrogant, boring, and critical or judgmental when in a fear state.
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