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Do you need to Up your relationship skills?

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Consider starting with a 90 minute coaching session with Coach Kim...

She will explain your shape (and your partners if you have one) and will show you the pit falls, cautions, and tricks to making the relationship work.

Shape Up Coaching


Know better - Do better - Feel better

Amazing Coaching Program helps you to understand yourself and
your family at a deeper level and master
your emotions, 
your thinking and your behavior.


Get the help you need

Call today 801-201-8315

Upskill and become better, smarter and happier - you deserve this!

  • Discover your Intrinsic Personality Shape

  • Learn what makes you unbalanced and behave badly.

  • Learn how to get balanced and be your

  • Learn easy, better relationship skills

  • Become a master communicator

  • Improve your marriage

  • Become a better parents

8 week shape up life Coaching




1. Group online Coaching
Includes 8 sessions, Coaching Materials, Exercises and Homework

You will love this experience and the changes you'll make!

2. Private 1 on 1 Coaching
8 - 1 hour sessions - in person or by zoom -
Includes Coaching Materials, Exercises and Homework

You will love the one on one coaching experience!

Call Tiffany at 801-201-8315 to Learn more

Tiffany will find an option that works for your budget

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