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Understanding the

The Webinar you've been asking for:

Have you taken the Survey and learned your shape - do that before the webinar!

Wednesday Nov 15th 
12pm MST (Utah)
11am PAC
Thursday NOv 16th
 5:30am ACDT(SA)

International Access Across the Globe

A powerful 90 min. course that will help you to 
understand your own shape and the very different shapes (people) all around you.  Have you noticed they don't think or act like you do? 
Have you wondered how they are wired?  Do you want to understand them and know how to deal with them in a positive way - this is your chance to learn it all. 

"Wow! The 12 Shapes Relationship System has literally changed my marriage over night! 


Now that I know my husband's shape and what his biggest fears are, I can see so clearly how my attitude, my behaviour and actions, and my choice of words was fuelling his fears, and subsequently impacting our marriage in a very negative way. 


Listening to Coach Nicole describe my husband's shape was truly fascinating and somewhat refreshing because it was like a light had been switched on! I could finally start to see how I could live in harmony with my husband and consciously create a positive environment for us both ... and our kids!"

-Alicia Blackman

"The principles taught from these two wonderful ladies will help you have a positive outlook on your life, the lives of everyone around and your future."

-Becky Young

This knowledge is a game changer - when you understand how you function in the world - what your core fears and values are - You will know how to be your best.

When you understand the people in your life (by their shape) you can build

relationships that really work. 

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